Severne Reflex_5 Race Sails:

On the PWA Slalom World Tour this year I’ll be using the new Severne Sails Reflex_5 race sails for slalom in the below sizes. With the new sizings in 2014, I can take just 4 sails with me and cover the full range of wind conditions on the tour. Continuing with new sizings, in Formula, the new 11.5m size, an idea of mine, is the perfect size to travel with for nearly all conditions. This will be my most used sail on the tour this year and will replace my 12.5m from previous years.

  • 6.2m, 7.0m, 7.8m, 9.0m
  • 9.5m, 10.7m, 11.5m

Starboard iSonic 2014 Slalom Boards:

In 2014 I will be riding the Starboard iSonic slalom boards on the PWA tour in the below sizes. I opted for Carbon construction in the two larger boards and wood in the small board for maximum stiffness and weight reduction in the bigger sizes and a bit more flex for control in the small board.

  • 87L, 107L, 117L

Starboard 167 Formula Board:

Over the past few years, many would have seen me using all sorts of different formula boards as I always believed in testing all the shapes out there. In 2014, I will be riding Starboard boards exclusively. My main weapon of choice will be the new 167 for all competitions however I do have a 2013 167 and a HWR still in the garage for fun use and photoshoots. I also have an older F161 that I occasionally use back in Australia.

  • Starboard 167
  • Starboard 167w
  • Starboard HWR

Formula & Slalom Fins:

The last 2 years when competing on the Formula Tour I have actually been only using one fin for all conditions; the M75 by VMG Blades. For slalom, I’ve been using a combination of Job Fins and Z-Fins. Job Fins are custom built by my father to my specifications in our workshop at home.

  • VMG Blades M75 (formula)
  • Z-Fins – 32cm, 38cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm (all in S- stiffness)
  • Job Fins – 28cm, 30cm, 32cm, 36cm, 38cm (x2), 40cm (x2), 42cm, 44cm, 46cm (x2)