Introducing Sean O’Brien; a purpose driven elite athlete focusing the positive experience gained from a lifestyle of travel, experience, hard-work and attention to detail into his many successes in the sport of windsurfing. Living a lifestyle that can lead to limitless performance.

Sean strives to be a modern, forward thinking and very marketable athlete in the global sporting arena. He aims to develop close, friendly relationships built on trust and works to deliver visible results for both parties. There are a variety of opportunities for co-operation with Sean O’Brien and he is always keen to discuss new possibilities and concepts.

Sean aims to develop strong partnerships that generate business results for both parties and work with companies/brands that want long-lasting partnerships generated with a visionary athlete. Sean’s positive lifestyle crosses cultural boundaries, language barriers, ages and interests.

It is less about trophies and medals than it is about a common positive feeling, shared around the World (although there’s already plenty of trophies in the boot!). A positive lifestyle that can give energy toward living life, not just existing in it. Energy which is in every person througout the World; it only needs to be discovered and implented. Do these values mean something to your company?

Travelling the world and spreading his positive lifestyle, sponsors can take advantage of the opportunities available to access international markets. Sean’s exposure is used to strengthen brandnames and increase awareness of the company. In addition, sponsors can actively work to exploit the link to Sean O’Brien’s values as part of the means for developing their brand.

If you would like further information regarding sponsorships or commercial partnerships, please contact Sean’s management, ButterPR.


43A Latrobe Terrace
Paddington QLD, AUSTRALIA 4064
+61-409 273 412

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